A calm, relaxing aqua yoga class adapted for pregnancyA calm, relaxing aqua yoga class adapted for pregnancyA calm, relaxing aqua yoga class adapted for pregnancyA calm, relaxing aqua yoga class adapted for pregnancy




Yoga is breath and movement combined. In aqua yoga there is no retention of the breath through any movements. To benefit you and baby smooth natural flowing breath is encouraged all while trying to increase lung capacity ready for labour.



Stretching is achieved through various adapted poses and walks in the water. Deep muscles in your core right through to the end of your fingers get used with the extension of your breath. Flowing moves adapted for the water and the use of noodles help stretch muscles gently without placing the body under stress.



Every session involves 5 minutes of relaxation at the end of the class. An important time to let your body rest and take the weight off your feet. The use of noodles help you to switch off and completely relax helping you to have a more positive, calm and clear mind.

Benefits of aqua natal yoga.....


Physical benefits

  • exercise without putting stress on your body
  • improve blood flow to your pelvis
  • stimulates your senses
  • help promote hormonal balance
  • strengthens muscles and helps keep the spine supple

Emotional benefits

  • promotes positive feelings and can help alleviate anxiety
  • the water can be a cooling and relaxing environment
  • release tension and encourage pleasure and fun
  • can help your mood when suffering with post-natal depression

General information for this class

The classes are held in a private residence in a private pool. It is heated to 33-34 degrees so is perfect for slow, gentle moves and relaxation. Classic yoga poses are adapted for the water, some standing and some floating, and so working with your breath will help you move more freely through exercises and sequences.

Confident and tentative swimmers can benefit as you are free to work within your limits and comfort zones. No previous yoga experience is necessary!

Booking a class

Booking is essential! There are only 6 ladies per class and they fill up quickly, especially if you have booked a block of classes. You are free to book as many classes as you wish and you are not obliged to book a whole term. However you will feel more of the benefits physically, emotionally and socially if you do as you will find you will be with the same group of ladies each week.

How do I book?

If you have decided you would like to come to class just send me a message. It would be lovely to meet you! Once I have checked availability for the date you would like to come, I will request a bank transfer to secure your space, then I will send you a confirmation message. That's it!

What to bring?

Just bring your swimming costume, towel and some water. The pool is very warm and it is important to keep hydrated during the class and afterwards. There is a shower you can use too.

If you have any questions, just ask.


"Never been a lover of swimming but thoroughly enjoyed Pilates I thought I would see what aqua natal yoga was like.

I have been to 5 classes so far and look forward to them each week. I suffer with carpal tunnel, swollen ankles and feet but being in the water has really helped. It means I am pain free in the class and takes the weight off being pregnant, especially during the relaxation time. 

Lizzie is very supportive and has a calming affect throughout the whole class. I would highly recommend this class as its a great way to end the week and start relaxing for the weekend. I intend on going until the end of my pregnancy and I will miss the classes, not only for the relaxation but for the interaction with the other mum's to be." 

Sharon 35 weeks

"Absolutely love this class. Cannot recommend it enough, Lizzie is super lovely. Gives expectant mums some me time, is relaxing and is a great place to meet and chat to other mums-to-be. I definitely think the relaxation and breathing techniques will help with labour too and its great at helping ease PGP. The pool is always nice and warm and is perfect even for those like me who have never done yoga. Wish I could carry on going after I've had my little one."

Helen 23 weeks

"I attended for the first time at 37 weeks last night. I really enjoyed the class and wish that I had attended sooner!

Prior to becoming pregnant I was not a regular gym user and have never been to a yoga class at all, but that didn't matter. The class focuses on the all important breathing techniques and you could go as fast or as slow as you felt able. The small class size meant that you had more one on one time with the teacher.

It's surprising how light you feel in the water, and I didn't realise how heavy I was until I got out of the pool! I wish I had done more swimming throughout the pregnancy.

I would recommend the class and would suggest that it's something you start earlier on in pregnancy and go regularly to maximise the benefits."

Laura 37 weeks

My qualifications:

Birthlight Aqua Natal Yoga Teacher Level 2

STA Swimming Teacher

STA Baby and Pre-School Teacher

National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers

DBS checked


IHCD Ambulance Technician



I am happily married with two amazing children that my whole world revolves around. Sophie is 7 and Jack is 4 and they both love the water like me.

I have loved swimming since a young age and I understand the benefits of swimming and what the water can do for you.

While I was pregnant with my daughter I attended an aqua aerobics class every week from 14 weeks that was taught by a retired midwife. The class was amazing as it combined my love of swimming with gentle exercise and I made some great friends, some of which I am still in contact with 7 years later!

I also was lucky enough to find a yoga course, very late in pregnancy, after it was recommended by a friend. It taught me how to breath, yes I know that sounds crazy, but it really helped during my labour and I wish I found the class earlier in my pregnancy.

It made me start thinking about the classes again when I was pregnant with my son, only neither of them were running and I couldn’t find anything similar which resulted in me not doing the exercise I love during my second pregnancy.

Since then I found Birthlight. I completed a CPD for baby swimming with them and found out that they were running courses on aqua natal yoga. I enrolled immediately! Its been the best thing I have ever done. It means I can now teach aqua natal yoga, a combination of adapted yoga in the water to pregnant ladies. It has opened my eyes to the huge amount of emotional and physical benefits that these classes can bring.

If you don’t believe me come and see for yourself – what have you got to lose!

Contact me

Aqua Natal Yoga Horsham

Please contact me directly with any questions, comments or booking enquiries you may have on -

  • Tel: 07900 587587 
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  • Facebook search: 'Aqua Natal Yoga Horsham'

RH12 4TW, Horsham, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom

@ Horsham Swim School Morriswood Old Holbrook Horsham West Sussex RH12 4TW

Class Hours:
Friday: 1915-2000

Friday: 2000-2045

Booking essential to confirm your space

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Payment via bank transfer

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